Irritrol 2400-T 1" Female Threaded Control Valve

The Irritrol® 2400 Series valves are popular with users because of the convenience of their threaded bonnets, the reliability of their double-beaded diaphragm and the durability of their heavy-duty, corrosion and UV-resistant PVC construction. Fast and easy to install and service, these 1-inch residential plastic valves offer an encapsulated solenoid, internal/external bleed, an optional flow control feature, and are available in multiple configurations.



Self-aligning bonnet with captured hex/Phillips screws
Permits fast and easy servicing without removal from the system (APR models)

Full stainless-steel metering system
Allows for consistent valve operation

Heavy-duty, corrosion- and UV-resistant PVC and stainless steel construction
For long-term reliability

High-flow, low friction loss design combined with low-flow capability
Can handle a wide range of applications

Internal and external bleed (flush mode)
Allows for manual operation

Patented “floating metering system”
Allows this valve to easily handle dirty water

Rugged, double-beaded SANTOPRENE® diaphragm
Ensures a leak-proof seal